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Savings accounts are open to all members with a capital contribution. A fixed amount of savings is deducted through a semi-monthly deduction from the member’s payroll account and may be withdrawn anytime by its member-depositor subject to the respective maintaining balance below.

An interest income per annum of 1% shall be computed on the outstanding balance of the Savings Account.


For More Information

Accounting - Receivable
  • Payroll deductions and collections from members.
  8831-8000 local 81438/ 81427
 [email protected]

Accounting - Payable

  8831-8000 local 81433/ 81427
 [email protected]

Membership - Updates
  • Change in capital contribution, savings, and co-makers
  • Updating of member's contact details
  • CapCop reclaim
  • Saving withdrawals
  8831-8000 local 81432/ 81436
 [email protected]

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