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Who can join?

Only regular employees of the accredited member companies within the SM Group of Companies are eligible for membership.

How to join?

  • Application forms may be requested from the following:                                        
     - Company/ Branch HR
     - SLA Coordinators

Membership Fee

A one-time membership fee will be deducted in full from the member's payroll in addition to the member's initial capital contribution.

For more Information

New Applications
  • New Membership Application
  • BDO Cash Card Processing (new, replacement, and transfer of funds)
  8831-8000 local 81432 / 81436
  [email protected]

  • Change in capital contribution, savings, and co-makers
  • Updating of member's contact details
  • CapCop reclaim
  • Saving withdrawals
  8831-8000 local 81432 / 81436
  [email protected]

Resignation/ SLA Clearances

  8831-8000 local 81432 / 81436
 [email protected]

SLA portal access / password reset
  8831-8000 local 81434
 [email protected] 
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